Branding and Profiling Your Business
30th June 2021

This week all four SWNG Chapters will be meeting together for a joint training session. We will welcome Kirsti Reynolds from TKR Consulting and she'll be showing us how to focus on Branding for Business.

This workshop has been specifically designed for business owners within SWNG to understand the purpose and benefits of building and maintaining their brand. During the workshop Kirsti will work with attendees on defining their Brand Strategy through an exercise that enables business owners to take a deeper look at what their brand represents and how that resonates with their customers.

Other workshop topics covered include:

  • Understanding your target markets (inclusive of a “Create Your Avatar Exercise” that forms a foundation for content creation)

  • Developing a Brand Personality & Brand Voice;

  • Looking at how you perceive your brand vs how your customers perceive your brand;

  • Understanding the concepts of brand recognition, brand awareness and brand equity;

  • The importance of building your personal brand.

Kirsti will also open up the session to a Q&A segment on completion of the workshop.

All participants will receive a copy of the presentation slides to refer to post workshop. Don’t forget something to take notes on / with.

Visitors are welcome to attend and enjoy 2 free breakfasts to see what SWNG is all about.

SWNG Chapter: All SWNG

Venue: Hunts Hotel Liverpool

Event Date: Wed, 30 Jun
Event Time: 7:00 am

Interesting in attending?

Join us for two free breakfasts and see what all the fuss is about.

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