Imageology Photography + Inspire Energy
21st April 2021

Imageology Photography...

Well if I started with all of the photographer jokes ... you wouldn't be able to shutter me up!...
But lets not start off on a negative note... lets just keep writing this blurb and see what develops.
Its hard to shoot me up once i'm on a reel... so lets not lose focus on the point of this email...

Okay. Im done.

Neil takes photos. And he is good at it. So lets hear what he has to say.

Inspire Energy...

Nellie is here to brighten us our mornings and show us her power moves!
Solar energy is SO HOT right now! If your not sold - once Nellie finishes her presentation i'm sure you will WARM to the idea.
Getting all hot and bothered with my amazing jokes? Thats cool - kick back and enjoy your breakfast - Bacon and eggs - SUNNY SIDE UP of course!

Inspire energy - for all your solar energy needs. Residential, commercial and industrial.

SWNG Chapter: Narellan

Venue: Juicy Goose

Event Date: Wed, 21 Apr
Event Time: 7:00 am

Interesting in attending?

Join us for two free breakfasts and see what all the fuss is about.

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